What are the top five reasons to upgrade to office 2019?

Ms Office has long been a software staple for students, households, and businesses. Ever since the very first version was released in November of 1990, millions of people have used it to write reports, create presentations, and keep track of important data. And every time a new version becomes available, more and more useful features come into play.

Ms office 2019 entered the marketplace in September of 2018, promising new capabilities for all of its programs including Excel, Power Point, Outlook, Access, and Word.So far it has held up to the expectations of those who have purchased the software. Some of its best new features are reduced bandwith use on your network, monthly updates to security, and even “send later” technology in ms outlook that allows you to schedule the exact time you want your E-mail messages to land in a recipient’s in-box.

And if you like to use OneNote, you will have access to Ink-to-Text support which gives you the capability to handwrite something that will be turned into typed words.

What’s new in office 2019

Word – text-to-speech, improved inking & accessibility, focus mode, translator, Learning tools (captions & audio descriptions),
PowerPoint – Morph transitions, Zoom, SVG, 3D model, play in-click sequence, 4k video,
Excel – Power Query (Get & Transform) enhancements, Power Pivot included with all editions, new functions & connectors, publish to Power BI, AI-driven Excel Insights for chart suggestions, new charts,  Excludes Co-Authoring, new Data Types like Stocks, and some other new features only available in Office 365
Outlook –  Office 365 Groups
OneNote – OneNote for Windows 10 (Modern App included with Windows) has replaced OneNote desktop app (though OneNote 2016 will be available via Volume License Install tool)
All Office apps – Ribbon customizations and roaming pencil case
ms Access – including the many updates we’ve seen recently such as:

  1. Modern Charts
  2. New Linked Table Manager
  3. Dark theme
  4. Big Int
  5. Salesforce & Dynamics connectors

The general benefits of Office 2019

  • Office 2019 is not powered by the ms Cloud like Office 365 is. Thus, if you are a user who isn’t ready to switch to the cloud or you just don’t like cloud technology, you will find that Office 2019 is a better fit for you.
  • Office 2019 also updates and replaces ms Word 2016 and ms excel 2016.
  • And when it comes to purchasing the software, Office 2019 is paid for in one lump sum only once instead of in monthly installments like its Office 365 counterpart, which also requires you to renew the subscription annually. However, after buying Office 2019 you won’t be getting any future updates for it in the form of new tools or functions. Plus Office 2019 can only be used on one PC instead of on a PC, smartphone, and tablet simultaneously like a yearly subscription to www.office.com/setup provides.
  • If you are someone who likes to use the digital pen to draw on your computer’s screen, you will love the enhancements to the pen that office 2019 provides.
  • office 2019 introduces pressure sensitivity, a tilt effect that alters the pen line thickness according to how the pen is angled. And it comes with a roaming pencil case that allows you to organize your favorite pens and highlighters to use across all the different applications.
  • When it comes to the various programs that come with Office 2019, there are many different cool and new features that each one contains.

Sneak peak to ms office 2019-

There’s no doubt that we are all waiting for Windows Fall Creators Update. However, ms is working not only on the new and exciting version of operating system. ms office 2019 is in progress as well. The company has recently announced plans to present new Office products in the middle of the next year. Nevertheless, IT industry rapidly becomes cloud-powered; ms does not forget about customers who are skeptical or used to traditional technologies. Therefore, the company will provide improved features and better experienced to the customers who haven’t moved to Office 365 yet.